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    Tell you the level and application of reflective film in three minutes!

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    Tell you the level and application of reflective film in three minutes!

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    The level of reflective film can be classified according to domestic film and imported film. Domestic film can be divided into advertising grade, engineering grade, high strength grade and super strength grade. At present, the so-called diamond grade in China has not reached the international level standard; Imported membranes, which are commonly used 3M series membranes, are divided into engineering grade, super engineering grade, high strength grade, super high strength grade, super strength grade and diamond grade.

    1, engineering reflective film:

    The performance of this series of reflective films belongs to the fourth grade reflective film, which is a durable enclosed reflective film, and is used for permanent traffic signs and work area facilities in areas with small traffic flow and low-speed driving of motor vehicles. Life span is generally 3~5 years.

    2. High-strength reflective film:

    The performance of this series of reflective films belongs to the third-grade reflective film, which is a durable sealed reflective film, and its reflective brightness is three times brighter than that of engineering grade. The high-strength reflective film can make the sign clearly visible in the case of large visual angle and bright areas. It is mainly used for permanent traffic signs and operation area facilities of expressways and Grade 1-4 roads. The life span is usually 7 years.

    3. Super reflective film and diamond reflective film:

    These two series of reflective films belong to the second and first grade reflective films, and their reflective principles are different from the glass bead reflection adopted by engineering grade and high strength grade reflective films. These two reflective films are the latest technology of microcrystalline cube reflection. After each microcrystalline cube is connected and arranged, there will be more than 930 microcrystalline cubes in each square centimeter of material area, which will form an air layer after sealing, so that the incident light will form internal total reflection, which can be achieved without metal reflective layer The life span is generally 10 years.

    These are the functions of the three kinds of reflective films introduced by the reflective film manufacturers. I hope they will help you. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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